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1. The Federation shall be called the All India Power Engineers Federation hererinafter referred to as the AIPEF.

2. The Registered Office of the AIPEF shall be located at New Delhi.


Aims & Objects of the AIPEF

§ To provide a forum for formulating guidelines for the co-ordinated development of power in the best interest of the nation.

§ To provide a common platform for discussion and ex-change of views amongst Power Engineers on various technical and administrative problems with a view to improving proficiency in public service and to build up sound traditions and practices for the Power Engineers.

§ To promote a sense of fraternity and a feeling of brotherhood amongst Engineers of professional as well as social levels.

§ To formulate uniform guidelines and co-ordinate the activities of the constituents.

§ To achieve, promote and safeguard professional freedom, dignity and interest of Power Engineers in the country.

§ To help, encourage and guide, maintenance of high ethical standards and ideals of service among the Engineers in discharge of their duties towards the people and the nation.


Constituents and Membership

3.1 The Constituent members of AIPEF shall be regional Powers Engineers Federations like NIPEF, SIPEF, EIPEF and WIPEF which shall in turn embody Power Engineers Associations in the respective regions which are elaborated as under:-

Northern India Power Engineers Federation

Southern India Power Engineers Federation

Eastern India Power Engineers Federation

Western India Power Engineers Federation



4.1 The funds of AIPEF shall consist of the Admission Fee Payable by each constituent Federation, Annual Subscription payable by each affiliated Association as provided in Article 4.3, grants or donations from the Government or Government Institutions or Public undertakings and funds raised through any other method permitted by law.

4.2 Each constituent Federation shall pay an Affiliation Fee of Rs. 500/- (Rs. Five Hundred Only)

4.3 Each Association affiliated to AIPEF through any of it's constituent Federation shall pay an Annual subscription of Rs. 25000/- (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Only) on the 1st January of Every year.

4.4 The admission fee and such amount as may be decided by the Federal Council will be set aside as 'Reserve Fund' and deposited as Fixed Deposit in a Nationalised scheduled bank as may be decided by the Federal Council.

4.5 The other funds shall be deposited in a bank as may be decided by the Federal Executive.

4.6 The funds shall be operated in the manner decided by the Federal Executive from time to time.

4.7 The Secretary General and the Secretaries of the Federation may retain a permanent imprest not exceeding Rs. 250/- and Rs. 100/- respectively to meet petty expenses.

Article- 5

Federal Council and the Federal Executive.

5.1 Policies and the affairs of the AIPEF shall be formulated / controlled by a body known as Federal Council comprising of the following:-

§ Chairman & Secretary General of the AIPEF.

§ Chairman and Secretary General of each regional Federation.

§ 10 Nominees of each regional Federation subject to the provision that at-least one nominee from each of the associations is represented.

§ A maximum of 4 coopted members from amongst the applications from all India Associations of Engineers from public sector having direct interest in Power Industry.

5.2 The management of the AIPEF shall rest with the Federaral Executive comprising the following:-

1. Chairman 1

2. Senior Vice-Chairman 2 (One each from NPPEF-EIPEF & SIPEF-WIPEF)

3. Vice-Chairman 4 (One each from constituent federation)

4. Secretary General 1

5. Additional Secretary General 2 (One Each From NIPEF-EIPEF & SIPEF-WIPEF)

4. Secretary 4 (One each from constituent federation)

5. Secretary (HQ) 1 (From Delhi)

6. Secretary (Finance) 1

7. Secretary (Publication) 1

8. Secretary (Organisation) 1

9. Joint Secretary 8 (Two each from constituent Federation)

10.Member Executive 16 (Four each from constituent Federation)

5.3 The Chairman shall supervise the general affairs and activities of the AIPEF and Preside over the meetings of the Federal Executive and Federal Council.

5.4 Sr. Vice Chairman shall perform the functions of Chairman in his absence. Vice-Chairman representing a Region shall perform the functions of the Chairman in his absence. He will also advise and assist in the furtherance of the Federation's policies and programmes in the Region with the assistance of the Secretary & Joint Secretary representing that Region.

5.5 The functions of the Secretary General Shall be:

  • He shall be executive officer of the AIPEF.

· He shall act under the direction of the Federal Executive and on the advice of the chairman.

· He shall receive & dispose off all the correspondence.

· He shall prepare an Annual Report on the activities of the AIPEF including a statement of duly audited accounts of the year.

· He shall arrange the meetings of the Federal Executive and the Federal council and record the minutes of the proceedings.

· He shall approve disbursement of expenditure upto Rs. 2000/- and shall get the approval of the Federal Executive for amount exceeding Rs. 2000/-

5.6 Additional Secretary General shall perform the functions of Secretary General in his absence and shall assist him/chairman in his work.

5.7 The secretary (HQ) shall be the incharge of HQ office and he will manage maintenance etc. of HQ office and other AIPEF activities at HQ in consultation and as directed by Chairman/Secretary General.

5.8 The Secretary (Finance) shall receive all moneys of the AIPEF. He shall operate the Bank Account jointly with any other member of the Executive as may be decided by the Federal council from time to time. He shall keep regular accounts of receipts and get them audited annually by the auditor as provided in article 5.11.

5.9 The Secretary (Publication) shall be incharge of public relation publicity and publications and shall work in close liaison with Chairman / Secretary General or the Secretary as the case may be.

5.10 The Secretary (Organisation) shall take care of the organizational functions of the Federation.

5.11 The Auditors shall examine the accounts of the AIPEF for the year as maintained by the Secretary Finance and submit the audit report to him for presentation to the Federal Council along with the statement of accounts.

5.12 The Federal Executive shall:-

· Have powers to frame rules and regulation for its working in accordance with the principles and policies that may be determined at the annual meeting of the Federal council.

· Ensure observance of objectives and broad policies of AIPEF by its constituents.

· Manage and control the business of the Federal council.

5.13 The executive will co-opt executive member, one each from its constituent association which could not find representation through elections in the executive committee.

5.14 The Chairman in consultation with Secretary General can nominate maximum upto 5 executive members to facilitate the working arrangement. Such members shall not have voting rights.


Election of office bearers.

6.1 The Chairman, office bearers and members of Federal Executive shall be elected by Federal Council after term of three years in it's National Meeting.

6.2 Federal Executive shall be elected from, amongst the Federal Council except for the Chairman who can be from outside also.

6.3 Federal Council is empowered to nominate some eminent senior Power Engineers / Professionals of high integrity & reputation as Chief Patron/Patron of AIPEF.

6.4 The auditor shall be appointed by the Federal council. The auditor shall not be one of the office bearers of Federal Executive.

6.5 The Chairman and the Federal Executive shall hold office till the day on which they hand over charge to the new Federal Executive after completion of term; such a day should not, ordinarily be later than the 31st day of December.



7.1 The Federal Council shall normally meet at least once in a year.

7.2 The constituents and the members of the Federal council shall be informed of the date, venue and agenda of the meeting of the Federal council at least three weeks in advance.

7.3 The Federal Executive shall meet at least twice in a year.

7.4 The Secretary General Shall in consultation with the Chairman, convene the meetings of the Federal Executive. The Notice containing the agenda to be discussed at the meeting shall be given to the members of the Federal Executive normally 10 days in advance.

7.5 An extra-ordinary meeting of the Federal Council may be convened by the Federal Executive at the written request of not less than 25 percent members of the Federal Executive. The procedure of calling such a special meeting will be the same as described in section 7.2

7.6 The quorum for the annual or extra-ordinary session of the Federal Council shall be one third (1/3) of its total membership.

7.7 The Travelling expenditure of the delegates, office bearers and Executive members for attending the Federal council and Federal Executive meetings shall normally be met with by their respective Regional Federations/Associations.

7.8 The emergent issues may be discussed and finalised through correspondence with the approval of the chairman.

7.9 Wherever travelling is necessary in connection with works other than 7.7, AIPEF will pay the expenses.



8.1 Any constituent unit failing to pay subscription for the year by 31st Dec of every year, will cease to be a member of AIPEF till renewal of its admission.

8.2 The decision of the Federal Council shall be final and binding on the constituents.



9.1 Subject to provision of Societies registration Act 1860, AIPEF may make amendments/ changes in the constitution and such amendments/changes shall be valid, as if contained in the original constitution and shall be subject in like manner to changes.

9.2 Any such amendment to the constitution shall be carried out by the Federal Council in its Annual/Emergent meeting.


Liability of AIPEF and Constituents.

10.1 It is deemed to be a term of every contract entered into that the funds of the AIPEF alone are to be held liable for any debts, obligations or engagements incurred or entered into and that no member or officer of the AIPEF it to be under personal liability in respect thereof & that funds of each constituent alone are liable for the obligation of theirs and no constituent is authorised to impose any obligation on the AIPEF.

10.2 Income, moneys and properties of AIPEF in whatever manner derived, will be applied soley towards the maintenance, up-keep and improvement of the same and for promotion of its objects and ideals and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred by way of profit to any of its members. This shall not preclude payment of any suitable remuneration or honorarium to members in return for services rendered.


11.1 AIPEF shall not be dissolved except by a resolution of 2/3rd majority of the Federal Council either through voting in the meeting convened for the purpose or through postal circulation (under-registered cover).

11.2 If, upon dissolution of the AIPEF there shall remain after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall be disposed off in accordance with provision of section 14 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (21 of 1860).


  • Thou Shalt maintain thy integrity under all circumstances.
  • Thou shalt incessantly work for the advancement of the professional knowledge.
  • Thou shalt not give incorrect professional opinion.
  • Remember ! Thou art a member of a team and the achievement of the team is thy own success.
  • Thou shalt not malign thy co-professionalists.
  • Thou shalt strive for the advancement and dignity of thy juniors in the profession.
  • Thou shalt strive for the welfare of the community.
  • Thou shalt enlighten the community with the correct aspect of Engineering/Technological activies.
  • Thou shalt endeavour to develop a dignified status in the society.
Thou shalt strive by conduct and character to be a worthy citizen of the Motherland.